Warehouse Air Conditioning

At Ambient HVAC, we are the experts in the design and installation of a wide range of air conditioning and HVAC systems used in an ever wider range of businesses and premises all over the UK. 

Increasingly, we are seeing enquiries for HVAC and Air Con Systems come in from warehouses and large industrial spaces – such as production lines, workshops, logistic depots, as well as other large spaces built in warehouse environments – including kids indoor play areas! These large properties have traditionally being very poorly cooled/heated up through the use of gas heating systems, and fans distributed across the warehouse space – making an uncomfortable environment for staff and customers alike. 

Benefits of installing air conditioning in warehousing are numerous, with the first advantage being the ability to cool the warehouse space during the warmer months, especially during busier times. The second advantage is that air conditioning units are incredibly quiet, not causing any noise pollution in what can be very hard, echoey spaces. Another advantage is that air conditioning systems work via electricity, not gas – so can be installed in any warehouse as long as there is a power supply. 

At Ambient, we are able to install a range of air conditioning units which provide highly effective air conditioning units which provide an even spread of air distribution – providing maximum comfort. All of our air conditioning systems are designed for your exact requirements, all are fit for purpose, providing great performance and great levels of reliability. 

If you have any questions about air conditioning systems for large warehouse spaces, do just get in touch and we will be more than happy to discuss your exact requirements in further detail.