Rooftop Air Conditioning

Although at Ambient HVAC we are understandably massive fans of air conditioning and HVAC systems – we know that not all of our customers want to see air conditioning units all over the outside of their property, that’s why we install many air conditioning systems which use rooftop air conditioning units, bringing customers a number of advantages in the process. These systems can be installed wherever there is a suitable roof space, this includes offices, schools, factories, warehouses and even soft play areas! Below, we run through some of the advantages of using rooftop air conditioning units. 

Rooftop air conditioning systems are some of the most flexible systems we can install – providing maximum value and effectiveness of the system for our customers. Rooftop air conditioning units are also quieter in the rear world, tucked out of the way out of sight and sound. This leads us to another advantage of rooftop systems, they are very secure – with ground level units being at risk of both theft and criminal damage. 

Rooftop air conditioning units are also packed with features which means greater savings for the facility using them – extra space and less design constraints allow this. When our field engineers visit to maintain and service these systems, there is also minimal disturbance to the business or organisation, with all maintenance being carried out, outside. 

All of our rooftop air conditioning systems are designed to provide maximum performance, alongside cost effectiveness for our customers. No system is the same, and our unique approach to each project allows our customers to enjoy a wide range of air conditioning benefits, which truly work in their building. 

If you have any questions about rooftop air conditioning systems, please do get in touch and we will be more than happy to discuss your exact requirements.