Planned Preventitive Maintenance

Planned Preventitive Maintenance

When air conditioning systems are periodically inspected, cleaned and tested by trained personnel, it helps to ensure your energy bills are kept to a minimum whilst reducing the risk of breakdowns and replacement costs. It also helps to ensure that your environment remains free of threats to health posed by bacteria such as legionella.

Planned maintenance schedules help to deliver the optimum working environment for you and your staff whilst reducing costs and complying with statutory regulations

We use an in-house database to log all client, site and equipment details, which automatically schedules the frequency of visits required, along with equipment history and reported faults. This system also allows us to rapidly access your site and equipment details, particularly equipment history.

For example, it is extremely important for us to ensure that we are consciously and reactively protecting the environment, within F Gas regulations. Should equipment within your site be developing any sort of recurrent “fault history”, we can quickly react to this to prevent and minimise any potential risk of refrigerant leakage into the atmosphere.

Once we have compiled your site details within our system, we are also able to trace replacement components quickly and efficiently, often without the need for expensive, repeat visits to site to gain specific unit information, as all of this data will have been gathered at inception of any maintenance agreement

All of our Planned Preventive Maintenance agreements include the following:

  • A fixed number of annual visits, usually ranging between once annually and once quarterly, depending upon the age and complexity of systems and equipment on site (a full no obligation site survey is carried out before maintenance proposals are issued).
  • Detailed inspection, test and cleaning of systems (full details our given within our Maintenance and Inspection Report, completed during every visit).
  • A hard-copy Engineer’s Report and recommendations given to each client following any visit
  • Technical advice and fault diagnosis assistance over the telephone wherever possible in order to reduce your costs.

Scheduled maintenance visits at times suitable with our clients and booked in advance.


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