Air Conditioning Installation

Air Conditioning Installation

Air conditioning can be installed on most premises in single or multi systems. A single system consists of one indoor and one outdoor unit. The main components, such as the heat exchanger, compressor, fans and expansion device, are tested to ensure that they perform at top efficiency in a range of weather conditions.

The outdoor units in a single system are fully weatherproof and can be mounted on a balcony, flat roof or a wall. They are connected to the indoor units by copper piping carrying the refrigerant. This is an economic solution for most residential or small commercial premises.

This type of system can be expanded to fit a larger space such as a small shop or cafe, where indoor units can be installed into suspended ceilings, ceiling voids or other locations, depending on the client’s specifications.

A multi split system consists of one outdoor and two, three or a maximum of four indoor units that work on the same principle as the single split system. All of the indoor units operate in either the cooling or the heating mode at the same time. They can be installed to fit larger retail and other commercial premises.

Both systems have a central board that controls the components through temperature sensors.

Larger, Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) heat recovery systems are often installed in much larger spaces with multiple rooms, such as offices and consist of a number of indoor units which are connected to a single, central outdoor unit, offering simultaneous heating and cooling capability to each individual indoor unit, as demanded by the user.
The installation time for a single or twin split system can be just a couple of days, with a minimum of disruption in those buildings with a good indoor and outdoor access. Larger Systems (in excess of two units) will take longer to install.


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