Multi- Split Air Conditioning Systems

At Ambient HVAC, we are the specialists in HVAC and Air Conditioning Systems – supplying HVAC systems into a wide range of facilities, from schools and laboratories, to hotels and care homes.

At Ambient HVAC, we are often asked to design a custom HVAC system which has to comply with all requirements and specifications, as well as being within budget. One of the biggest weapons in our arsenal to provide great value, fit for purpose systems – is the use of multi split air conditioning systems.

These systems allow more than one air conditioning unit to be linked to a single outdoor air conditioning unit – providing unparalleled cost savings, with no loss of performance or reliability. Although there are a few installation requirements  – when installed right, these systems save our customers money, as well as exterior space on their building. In recent years, we have installed multi-split air conditioning systems into a wide range of commercial facilities, ranging from schools and hotels, to cinemas and museums.

If you have any questions about these systems – please do just get in touch and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.