Laboratory HVAC & Ventilation

At Ambient HVAC, we work with a wide range of Laboratories belonging to businesses and organisations all over the UK. These laboratories provide an incredibly diverse range of services and research, from automotive laboratories right across to medical laboratories which are part of the NHS.

These laboratories trust us not only to provide the ventilation and air conditioning for a comfortable working environment but also to ensure that the laboratories are ventilated sufficiently, to allow the safe use of many different types of gases, which can either cause an oxygen deficiency or in the case of carbon dioxide, lead to a dangerous build-up of the toxic gas.

As well as keeping the people in the laboratory safe, our services are also used to allow the lab teams to achieve exact temperatures for their own research. At Ambient HVAC, we create full laboratory air conditioning and ventilation systems, which comply fully with the stringent standards found within this industry. These systems encompass everything from control units, conditioning units, diffusers, filters, fire protection, smoke extraction and also specialist ventilation units.

Operating across the UK, please do just get in touch with us if you have any questions at all.