Hotel Air Conditioning Systems

Air Conditioning is an incredibly important part of any guests stay, in any hotel – not just in warmer countries. Used to effectively cool & heat a hotel room – hotel air conditioning systems need to be able to provide effective cooling & heating, for your guests to be able to remain comfortable. Not only does hotel air conditioning systems need to provide comfort and control for the guest, hotel air conditioning systems are also required to run with incredibly low noise levels – ensuring guests are not disturbed by the noise.

Requirements go further too, air conditioning systems in hotels need to look aesthetically pleasing – enhancing the style and design of a room. This applies whether or not these units are built into a hotel room from new, or retrofitted.

At Ambient HVAC, we are the experts in the design & installation of air conditioning systems for the hospitality sector – having installed numerous systems in hotels of all kinds up and down the country. We are able to design & install fit for purpose air con systems, which provide reliable and controllable performance.

Furthermore, all of these systems can be installed with minimum disturbance to your premises, and those staying there.