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Greatly Increases potential income per hour as a result of the reduced clearance time.

The Dental Dissipator: A highly effective ventilation and aerosol containment system for patients and dental staff.

Meets the required criteria of 10+ room ACH allowing reduced fallow time as directed by the Chief Dental Officer. The Dental Dissipator provides further protection by extracting directly from the breathing zone. Designed by dentists with over thirty years experience specifically for dental practices.

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Can be proven to meet the requirements of the Chief Dental Officer by achieving over 10 air changes per hour within a surgery.

The Dental Dissipator offers containment and safe removal of aerosol/potential viruses at source by extracting predominantly from the breathing zone.

  • Greatly Increases potential income per hour as a result of the reduced clearance time
  • Creates a negative pressure within the surgery placing less reliance on PPE and RPE providing peace of mind and reassurance for patience and dental teams alike.
  • Developed by highly experienced Dentists and installed by established industry leading specialists offering clean, fast installation with minimum disruption to your surgery.
  • Verification Certificate can be issued on commissioning to provide compliance.
  • The Dental Dissipator offers a continuous controlled air change avoiding excessive drafts, noise and uncomfortable temperature fluctuations adding comfort to all.
  • Finance is available therefore ROI typically within weeks as additional revenue is far higher than the instalments paid.
  • Easy installation, simply follow our easy to follow guide to get the Dental Dissipator up and running.
  • Rebuilds dental team AGP confidence when resuming AGP services
  • Successfully tested in seven clinical rooms for over five months rebuilding treatment levels closer to pre-pandemic levels increasing practice revenue and viability.

Why circulate when you can dissipate

Dental care often involves using highly energised hand held devices which in order to achieve their objectives of restore, repair and clean, create an aerosol as a by product. The various contaminants held in that aerosol include tooth particles, old dental materials, scale, bacteria, viruses and body fluids. For many reasons the inhalation of these contaminants could be deleterious to the patient and the dental team.

England’s CDO guidance stipulates a post AGP fallow time of 60 minutes in rooms with 1-2 ACH, but as short as 10 minutes where ACH are proven to be 10 or more.
Download Dental COVID-19 Government Guidlines

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