Air Conditioning for Medication Storage Rooms

Although air conditioning is usually associated with human comfort, in many premises we work across – air conditioning is a necessity. One such are where air conditioning is vitally important, is in rooms and areas in which medication is stored. By controlling the temperature in medication storerooms – organisations such as hospitals and care homes can administer medication, safe in the knowledge that the medication has been stored correctly, so will be effective. 

Storage instructions for different medicines, does vary – and some medications will need to be stored in fridges. Fridges can generate a lot of heat externally, so medication stored outside of, but near fridge units can very quickly be kept in temperatures which are too warm, meaning that medication can quickly be stored at above room temperature. Even without fridges, it’s very easy for store rooms to enter temperatures above room temperature (above 25 degrees)

In these rooms and locations, it’s therefore essential to have an air conditioning system in place that kicks in and regulates temperature, ensuring medication is kept safe. If you have any questions about air conditioning for storage rooms, get in touch and we will be happy to discuss how our systems can help, and our experience in this sector.