Mitsubishi’s New Air Conditioning Range Receives Global Design Award

Mitsubishi’s New Air Conditioning Range Receives Global Design Award

If you think that air conditioning units look boring and plain then you need to think again. Gone are the days when you will find air conditioning units looking like something from the past which just cools your room. Thanks to advancements in technology there are many different looking air conditioning units which boast spectacular design and look good on the eye. Mitsubishi’s new electric range of Zen indoor air conditioning units would pay testament to this. In fact they have recently received global recognition for their slick and stylish design by being awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Award during their latest annual ceremony.

The awards take place annually and some of the worlds renowned international companies showcase their latest products which they have designed before they are released on the market. The awards were designed to highlight products which combine outstanding design and productivity whilst also keeping in mind the end user. Each product is assessed by a panel of judges who have strict criteria in place which needs to be met before they decide who will receive the award. On Mitsubishi’s new range the panel were very impressed and commented that the units “present a convincing symbiosis of energy-saving technology and minimalist, elegant design”.

The units are wall mounted and present a streamline design with an energy efficient process which will ultimately provide your premises with an ideal temperature. Due to their fantastic design the units can be used to complement modern looking rooms which boast contemporary looking interior and they are also suitable for a wide range of applications. Once the units have been turned on you will not hear any sound or noise from them as they are really quiet which further enhances their appeal. In fact Mitsubishi electric is the only air conditioning unit company which has been awarded the whisper-quiet unit from the Noise Abatement Society.

The units come in three different colours so you have the choice of going for a colour which will match the interior in your room and due to their sophisticated design they do not take up much room at all. This range has been designed to be fully compatible with the M Series range of MXZ multi-split systems which basically means that you can connect up to eight different Zen units to a single outdoor compressor which not only saves you time but will also mean that there is less pipework needed.

The units also have Wi-Fi controls which you can make use of to ensure that the unit is fully energy efficient which will lower your energy bills. By receiving this award the new range of Mitsubishi’s indoor air conditioning units is a must have for your home, commercial or office building.

by Louise Burke