Global Air Conditioning Market Set To Increase Over The Next Five Years

Global Air Conditioning Market Set To Increase Over The Next Five Years Image One

If you think that the demand for air conditioning is decreasing across the world then you need to think again. A report recently published by shows that globally air conditioning shipment is expected to grow by over 5% from the years 2015 to 2020. The report focuses on various geographical regions and based on the research conducted it shows that ac shipment will reach over 151 million units over the next five years.

A major reason for the growth prediction centres around global warming and how the weather conditions are leading to more and more people investing in air conditioning systems. As a result of this, regulatory bodies such as the Bureau of Energy efficiency [BEE] and the Department of Energy [DOE] have made amendments to various regulations which benefit consumers and businesses as well as the environment. With the latest set of regulations most if not all air conditioning systems have increased energy efficiency and have been designed to be eco-friendly.

As global warming and environmental issues seem to be talked about more frequently these days, the regulatory bodies are ensuring that there is a stringent manufacturing process in place when it comes to designing the latest set of air conditioning systems. Before the ac systems are released on the market they are tested to ensure that they are energy efficient and environmentally friendly which helps both consumers and businesses as it reduces their overall energy bills saving them money which can be invested elsewhere.

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Regions such as the Middle East and Asia have seen the sales of air conditioning systems increase through the roof over the last few years as the warm weather and testing temperatures mean that air conditioning systems are a must in virtually every household. Companies which operate in these regions see air conditioning as a vital requirement within their offices as it increases employee productivity whilst ensuring they remain properly hydrated throughout the long working hours.

Within the report various companies have been mentioned as to what they are designing and how they are performing in terms of their sales and revenue estimations. In both the commercial and residential markets the growth of the ac market will continue to see a rapid increase due to the reduction of energy consumption and the improved design solution of the air conditioning units. Government regulations have also helped in developing the ac market throughout the years and will continue to do so.

The report also talks about what is driving the success of the air conditioning market, any possible threats the market could possibly face which will impact on the increase and any further growth opportunities which will shape the market for the coming years. The methodology used whilst conducting the report was Porter’s Five Force Model which provides an in depth analysis of the market and any possible factors which can influence it.

The report is around 270 pages long which shows how much detail has gone into it and is available to purchase online should you wish to have a read. For more information you can access

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