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Air Conditioning, Heating & Ventilation Services Specialists TEL: 0845 2020 233
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Ambient HVAC – Specialist Air conditioning

Air conditioning specialists covering but not restricted to the Middlesbrough, Newcastle and Leeds area.

Ambient HVAC specialises in designing, supplying, installing, maintaining and repairing systems that cool, heat or ventilate buildings to create comfortable, productive environments.


All cooling, heating and ventilation systems need energy to work. With energy costs rising inexorably, Ambient is inherently conscious of the energy consumption and environmental impacts of the systems it designs, installs and maintains. Which is why it ensures that the solutions it proposes make full use of technologies that help to optimise energy consumption and minimise carbon production.

Our Expertise


Ambient HVAC are experts in Air Conditioning, Evaporative Cooling, HVAC & Renewables. Since its formation in 2004, Ambient has developed a strong reputation, based on its engineering and installation expertise.

From major commercial developments to residential homes, Ambient continues to offer its clients heating, cooling or ventilating solutions using the most appropriate technologies.

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Recent News

When air conditioning systems are periodically inspected, cleaned and tested by trained personnel, your energy bills are kept to a minimum, the risk of breakdowns and replacement costs are dramatically reduced and your environment remains free of threats to health posed by bacteria such as legionella. Ambient HVAC specialises in servicing, maintaining and repairing air conditioning systems of any size and make. We provide a range of servicing and maintenance support programmes, each tailored to your specific needs. To find out more or to book a Free Maintenance Survey, call Ambient HVAC today on 0845 2020233

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